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Jack Link’s Beef Bar Original, 22,5g


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Soft and juicy savoury bars – ORIGINAL

Jack Link’s strong work ethic and adventurous spirit has always been a Jack Link’s tradition and with over 100 years of expertise in meat snacks, they are constantly seeking what’s next.

They have been working to craft something really special; introducing our Jack Link’s Beef Bars. These soft and juicy, savoury bars of quality cuts of beef, are cured, dried, and packed with a real punch of protein and are only 65kcal per bar.

These bars are made with 100% beef and available in two amazing flavours; Original, with our signature, unique sweetness. Sweet & Hot, with the irresistible combination of sweet and spicy.

So if you’re on the go, or stuck at your desk, our Beef Bars are the perfect snack to help you power through your day.

Beef bar ORIGINAL – Packed up with protein, this Original is truly unique with its smoky flavours.

The Result: Delicious, high-protein meat snacks. 


Nutritional info and ingredients

Beef, Sugar, Iodised Salt (Salt, Potassium Iodate), Soy Sauce Powder (Soy Beans, Maltodextrin, Salt), Spices, Yeast Extract, Salt, Flavouring, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite), 100g Beef Bar is made from 148 g Beef.
Nutrition facts /100g
  • Calories 284 kcal
  • Protein 32G
  • Carbohydrates 21G
  • Fat 8G

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