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Jack Link’s Biltong Original, 25g


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Real taste of South Africa.

Adventurous spirit has always been a part of Jack Link’s tradition. Thanks to our untamed appetite for exploring new tastes and over 100 years of expertise in meat snacks, we’ve developed our own unique Biltong marinade to bring you the original South African flavor.
We only use quality cuts of prime beef. These are then seasoned carefully with our special family recipe using selected ingredients. Finally the beef strips are slowly air-dried and cut into thin slices, in the traditional South African way. Biltong is high in protein, and low in sugar. It takes 250g of beef for 100g of Biltong!
The difference with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky?
Both meat snacks are made of 100% lean beef, but Beef Jerky and Biltong offer you a different taste and texture experience. Jerky is always smoked and has a sweeter taste, whereas Biltong is never smoked and crafted with spirit vinegar. Biltong also has a slower drying time. Go ahead and try it! This snack will bring you to sunny South Africa.


Nutritional info and ingredients

beef, vinegar, iodised salt (salt, potassium iodate), sugar, dextrose, spices, maize starch, garlic powder, onion, tomato, paprika, spice extract, yeast extract, smoke flavouring, preservative (sodium nitrite, potassium sorbate), salt, acidity regulator (sodium diacetate, citric acid).


Beef Biltong Original
Per 100 g

Energy: 1257 KJ / 299 Kcal
Fat: 10,0 g
of which saturated fat: 4,0 g
Carbohydrate: 2,2 g
of which sugar: 1,1 g
Protein: 50,0 g
Salt: 5,0 g

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