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Torrido Beef Jerky Original, 35g

Torrido Beef Jerky Original, 35g


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Torrido’s Beef Jerky Original is a perfect choice for those wishing to enjoy a beef jerky with beer or wine during travel, leisure, a feast or just being hungry!

The snack is manufactured in accordance with North American Indian traditions, i.e. only select meat is used (seasoned and naturally dried). In order to make 35 g of this snack, 78 g of top grade quality beef is used! Coriander is the main seasoning used to enhance its taste. Beef jerky contains a great amount of protein and only 3% of fat. It is healthy and nutritious spicy snack rich in B-vitamins, iron and other valuable minerals necessary for a healthy, balanced diet.

100 g Torrido Beef Jerky Original includes:

  • Energy: 1027 kJ / 246 kcal
  • Protein: 49 g
  • Carbohydrate: 2,52 g
  • Fat: 4,4 g
  • Salt: 4 g

Ainesosat: Beef 95% , salt, sugar, coriander, white pepper, stabilointoaineet E325 and E450, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, flavoring substance ( ham flavor), antioxidant E316, acidity regulator E330, smoke flavor, spice ( pepper, juniper), preservative E250 .

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