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Traveler’s Friend Beef Biltong, 50g


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Traveler’s Friend Biltong, is made of Estonian beef, is prepared according to an original South African recipe.

Traveler’s Friend Beef is a perfect backup food for those who are sick and tired of junk meals. The package is small and fits almost anywhere, which makes it easy to grab a Biltong while you’re:

  • camping
  • travelling
  • serving in the army
  • taking a walk in the park
  • playing golf
  • running a marathon
  • visiting friends
  • going to a party
  • driving somewhere
  • staying at the beach — we let you decide!

Traveler’s Friend Beef Biltong is a healthy snack. It contains almost no fat or carbohydrates, but does contain lots of protein. A beef also goes exceptionally well with good beer and wine.

Traveler’s Friend Biltong – Hunger waiting to happen

Company was founded to offer people different tastes from all over the world. Traveler’s Friend Meats focused exactly on these tastes. They started with biltong – the legendary taste from South-Africa. Then Traveler’s Friend added the world-known Worcestershire sauce from England to their pork jerky to show what a parade of tastes can feel like in one bite. And in the nearest future they’ll expand their product line with other jerkies and deli products from the world.

Traveler’s Friend develop products that are easy to taken with – a requirement for traveling. Their snacks are easy to keep, they don’t need refrigeration, they don’t weigh much and their tastes are legendary.

  • High in protein!
  • No Artificial seasoning and flavoring
  • No Colourings
  • It takes 235 grams of lean meat to make 100 grams of Biltong

Nutritional info and ingredients

100 g Traveler’s Friend Beef Biltong includes:

  • Energy: 1327 kJ / 314 kcal
  • Protein: 61,29 g
  • Carbohydrate: 5,3 g
  • Fat: 5,28 g
  • Salt: 4,7 g

Ingredients:Beef (235 g of meat was used to make 100 g of the product), salt, balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, unfermented grape juice, colourant: caramel IV, antioxidant: sulphur dioxide), sugar, spices, preservative: sodium nitrate.

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