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Krambals Bruschetta Creamy Cheese 70g


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Real bread. Real taste. Real bruschetta.

Let the bruschette melt in your mouth and enjoy its delicate, creamy nature.

Each KRAMBALS bruschetta combines the authentic taste of real ciabatta with two delicious ingredients that complete each other to pure perfection.

KRAMBALS is a brand for bakery products, that brings along the authentic and real taste. It is made following the best and long-lasting traditions in bakery: simplicity, patience, real ingredients. Real bread! Real taste!

Nutritional info

  • Per 100g

    • Energy2004,0 kJ / 479,0 kcal
    • Fat19,5 g
    • of which saturates9,2 g
    • Carbohydrates62,2 g
    • of which sugars1,1 g
    • Fibre3,1 g
    • Protein12,2 g
    • Salt3,0 g

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