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The Meat Makers Beef Steak Original, 200g


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ABSOLUTELY SINFUL PRODUCT! Perfect for hikers, campers and mountaineers. Pure beef – no soy, no starch, no nonsense.

The Meat Makers core belief is that a premium quality beef is great by its own nature, so it does not need any chemical enhancers or artificial flavours to make it taste delicious. Well, a small pinch of rock salt, black pepper and garlic is all it needs to unlock its wonderful flavour.

To go a bit further than classic recipes The Meat Makers disrupted this sleepy food category and added wine, cherries, cranberries, mustard, ginger and honey. The consumer can now enjoy a wide selection of innovative flavours from The Meat Makers’ beef jerky for all seasons and turn to a healthy, artisanal snack crafted with care and made using only 100% natural, high-quality ingredients.

100 g The Meat Makers Beef Steak Original includes:

  • Energy: 1360 kJ / 325 kcal
  • Protein: 56,2 g
  • Carbohydrate: 3,4 g
  • Fat: 5,6 g

Ingredients: Beef (93.4%), onion (3.52%), salt, spices, fructose

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