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Dried Buddy Chicken Jerky Ruusteri Lemongrass, 40g



 Juicy beef jerky with Nordic ingredients!

Dried Buddy is a Finnish beef jerky pioneer and his products are made with a big heart in Tuusula, Finland. Most of the products work steps are handmade and the quality can be monitored with the same care. Snacks for every taste, enjoyable anywhere!

“The best snacks at home and on trips, in frost and heat, together and especially alone.”

Ruusteri Chicken Jerky Lemongrass is made from Finnish chicken breast flavored with lemongrass. There is a huge amount of protein with minimal fat. Athlete’s choice! Make a lunch salad or enjoy it as such.

Does not require cold storage even when opened, goes with you in your backpack or in the glove compartment of your car. Perfect snack when hiking, traveling, exercising or just on the couch.

  • Finnish, premium quality
  • Gluten-free, no additives
  • Do not require cold storage
  • Reclosable bags
  • High in protein, minimal fat


Nutritional info and ingredients

Ingredients: Chicken breast fillet, gluten-free soy sauce (water, soy protein hydrolysate, water, salt), syrup, black pepper, lemongrass.

Nutrition Facts /100g

  • Energy               311 kcal
  • Fat                      3,1 g
  • Carbohydrate   5,3 g
  • Protein              65,7 g
  • Salt                     4,5 g

Additional information

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