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Reindeer jerky -megabox! The box full of best Tornedalens Reindeer Jerky



The Reindeer Jerky is the best.. in a big package! Tornedalens Reindeer Jerky Snacks is the best dried reindeer meat what our jury have tasted.

Old Laplands storage methods have been used in the manufacture of the product ; salting, smoking and drying. Contains no artificial preservatives. Product processing is based on old and partly forgotten storage and preparation instructions.

Reindeer jerky -megabox! includes jerkies below:

Beefjerkystock.eu boxes are best effort products. Total value of the products is always more than price of a box. Save and Buy. At the same time you are able to buy many Beefjerkystock.eu boxes.

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Weight 2 kg


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